Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day 1

This is a new day
of a wonderful new year
I've got the control
there is no need to fear
This is my chance to start out new
goals and attitude
For this is the day of refreshment
that gets you in the mood.
In the mood for goal setting
and really doing your best
only bring forth the good from last year
and leave out all the rest.
Make a goal to be a better person
with everything you do and say
be kind and happy and loving
and smile everyday.
Haha well that was my attempt of a poem... I didn't wanna think anymore!
But today, besides going to work, Im going to take it easy and really reflect on last year and what changes I want to make this NEW year. I have already decided that for me this is going to be the year of goals and finding! :) What a wonderful time I will have doing it too!!

Have a wonderful 1-1-11!! :)

1 comment:

beka said...

sky you wrote that?! Wow it is such a good poem! You have great goals for this year and I'm sure you will do great!