Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bug's 8th week!! So crazy! :)

Hello everyone yes i did get my flight plans and you should be getting the letter all about it today cause i sent it last friday so you should be getting it so ya!!!!! basically i will tell you the little that i know off the top of my head!!!!! we are leaving to the airport at 5 in the morning and than we just get through securuity and than we get to call you my flight leaves to dallas texas at 8:20 so i will call you some time between 6-8 around there i don't know hahaha!!!!! and than we have a 1 hour layover in dallas around 12:15 texas time which is a hour faster than here and than we leave to McAllen at 1:05 texas time and im about 95% positive that i get to call you during the layover to if you want me to!!!! and than we will get to McAllen around 3 there time about 2 our time!!!!! which is going to be so crazy i can't wait!!!!!!! ya this week is crazy we have a lot of different things going on this week like tonight we have a health check up thing and see if we are physical able to leave and all that good stuff so i will pass hahah!!!!!!! Than wednesday we get to have a language conference on all the missionarys that are leaving monday to language speaking missions so that should be fun than on friday or saturday we get released from class from the MTC and get to pack and just get final things to get ready to leave!!!!! I am so freaking excited 1 to ride in a van talk to you all and than fly!!!!!! oh yeah and than just another 1 and 10 months to preach this awesome gospel in the spanish language its coming along ive been talking to alot of natives and they say they love my spanish and can understand me perfectly so im just trying to stay humble and keep working hard because thats all i can do!!!! i also bore my testimony on sunday cause our district is leaving and everyone said i did good and my spanish was way good so thats a definite confidence booster but i know when i get out into the field im going to be humbled big time hahah!!!!!! um please send my leatherman to me friday please i need it but if you can't thats ok just send it to Texas what ever is easier for all of you guys is fine with me!!! absoulutely nothing is new with the MTC but just getting ready to leave, were just trying to work on vocab with spanish which is great i freaking love that!!!!!! I love spanish its hard sometimes but at the same time when you teach in all spanish you really start to see how the gift of tongues comes into play its truly amazing!!! ya the spanish pilot program is different than how they regularly do with the language learning missionarys its strait teaching and than you just try to pick of spanish like a baby and ya we don't have a lot of free time to teach other missionarys cause the pilot program gives us investigators and we teach them and see them progress which is cool!!!! That is about it!!!! We also pick up the spanish faster than most of the other missionarys!!!! i don't need another calling card just to let you know i have more than enough time to call but ya!!!! brain padilla flys out next week when i fly out!!!!! ya i just got one of my suits done from dry cleaning and now im doing the other one so they will be fresh for the field!!!! cash is fine!!!! i can use my debit card you know to!!!!!! ive been using my blue card and you get 6 bucks every week on it and ive been using that money for like my dry cleaning and stuff like that.  Ya me and big park write as soon as we get eachothers letters which is good he writes mostly in spanish to me which is so good and i know everything that he says well mostly but ya he is doing way good!!!!! he is the best friend that i could every have well besides sky!!!!! :) How is she doing haven't heard from here in a couple days!!!!! but thank you all so much for everything thing really all of your letters and all that help me to keep going and try to be the best person i can and i just love being a missionary and seeing peoples lives change and i can't wait to see those real people who i am going to change!!!!!! Ive been having thoughts i think of people that i need to find and seeing them and i have a good feeling that i need to find them and help them so i am trying to work as hard as i can and just try to help the Lord with his work!!!! But Sky tell your family i say hi!!! and all of them!!!! Dad thanks for all of those letters you send me and im so grateful you are my dad i look up to you so much and im so proud that you are reading the scriptures everynight that is amazing i love the scriptures more than ever once i got in here there truly are las palabras de Dios the words of god!!!! I really can't wait to talk to ya'll in a week and just hear all of your voices again!!!!! i hope you like all the pics and video that i am sending home hahah there really fun to make and i just love to hear your reactions of regular MTC daily life!!!!!! Will you email brandon and mike and tell them to write me!!!! ahhh i just have like no time to write so it is really hard and ya!!!!! Well i will finish with my testimony but i love you all and i will talk to you in a week!!!!!! I love you all!!!!!! :) Pues me gustaria compartir mi testimonio con ustedes ahora yo se que mi salvador en cielo vive yo se el nos ama mucho!!!!! yo amo ustedes yo se este evangelio es verdedero y josé smith tradujó el libro de mormon por la poder de dios yo se Jesucristo morió para neustras pecados y tambien sufrió en la cruz porque el nos ama en el nombre de Jesucristo amen i gotta go i love you all so much i will write you and write soon!!!!!!!!

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