Sunday, December 5, 2010

Sunday :)

Today has been a good day :) 
First I learned about Time Management in Relief Society. Pretty much it was the biggest slap in the face!!! It's what I really needed! Kinda an answer to my prayers to be honest!! It is now my goal to be a very good time manager!! :) And you know what? I find blogging at this time very good because it is like my journal and I need to keep good records!! :)
Then I went to work. It was pretty busy!! But not too bad, I got in some really good hours!!! 
I came home and ate and finished cleaning my room. Now it is so pretty and makes me happy :)
Now I think I will go and study my Book of Mormon and do some Enviro Bio homework and then to sleep :)
By the way I got a really good letter from Cam yesterday!! I loved it! He is doing so good and I am so so proud of him! He says that he has lost another 4 pounds in 3 days and who knows how much he has lost all together! I start my diet and working hard right now!! I am actually going to walk to school tomorrow :) And I am going to love it!!
Baby Jake is still in the hospital but is doing good! He just needs to get the fluid out of his lungs and then he can go home!! Keep praying for him! We love our little Jake Ethan :) :)
Okay goodnight! :)

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