Friday, December 3, 2010

BIG SISTER. little sister.

Today was a really good day of bonding with two of my sisters. First I went and helped Jamie with all of the stuff she is putting out for the boutique tomorrow. She has a lot of cute stuff and we are just so weird and crazy that it was way fun!! :) Then I went to visit Misty and baby Jake. No one was there so I was able to just be with Misty and have a really good time with her. We have never really had a good bond because of age difference and just other things but now that I am older, I see us really getting along better! I love her and today was a really good day with her :) Jake, finally named, is doing okay... Right now the doctors are saying he has pneumonia and needs to stay in the ICU for 5 more days. Poor little thing!!  I hope he gets better soon! I have been praying for him! He is so frakin CUTE!!! I love that little guy! So then after being with Misty and Jake I went back to help Jamie set up for the boutique and then just went home. No letter from my sweetheart unfortunately!! but its okay!! He is probably very busy!!! Anyways it has been a very good day!

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