Saturday, December 11, 2010

a dear apology

I just realized I never posted Cam's fourth letter from this week! I may just have been in too much dislike with my blog haha Well here it is :) Can you believe its already been a month??? :)

Hey everyone im doing good and nothing really new is happening this week i will send you a SD card and a letter today tell them i want in my plaque my scripture D:C 121;7-9 its really good!!! Should be somthing like peace be unto thy soul for thine afflictions be but a small moment something like that!!!!! I just got done with the temple and it was just amazing we did inititorys today cause our branch president needed someone to do 50 names for his family so we did that!!!!!! Oh by the way devin or elder johnsons room is like three doors down from my room and he comes and chills with us all the time!!! We had a bunch of people leave today and that was hard cause we all freaking loved them they were the best!!!!!! I will be getting my flight plans in two weeks, two weeks before i fly they tell us everything so i will let you know updates so you can get work off and stuff like that im so excited to talk to you all!!!!!!!! Oh another important thing that i need to tell you is that December 22 is the last day that i can recieve mail until January 3 they open again so if you want to send any mail or packages it has to be before than so i can get it or else im out of luck!!!!!! Thank you for my tree i was wanting one so bad!!!!! i took a bunch of pics and they will be on the card i send today so that will be good!!!!!! Oh sky thank you so much for those ornaments and also those pictures wow they are awesome hahahah i was laughing so hard with your just dance pics and all that stuff and also tell misty her baby is cuter than heck!!!!!! and hahahha funny thing i sent a congrats baby girl card tell her i said sorry and didn't know what she was having so just to let her know hahahah!!!!!!! I don't need anything right now i should be good until i leave im trying to use as much stuff up as possible before Texas cause i have to be under weight on my luggage but i should be good now or close to!!!!! Ya comps are good just hangin out there are both still weird as crap!!!!!! There just socially retarded but im starting to help them!!!!! Yes mom they are going to Texas with me and also another hermana in our district hermana fox woof hahahahah!!!!!!!!! Me and parker are writing eachother i got a letter from him today but that is it!!!!! so no worrys hahahah!!!!! I wanted to write cody he is a stud and needs to start preparing now!!!!!!!!! Wow also jimmy thanks for ruining my jeep..... just kidding bro you can do what you want with it its yours right?? atleast till i get home!!!!!!! That should be freaking fun going over to grandma jolleys for christmas eve!!!!!!!!!  Thanks for all those videos you sent me don't delete them i want them when i come home so i don't delete anything on the SD cards!!!!!!! Oh man my mouth is watering i want chicken fried steak that sounds so good!!!!!!! Any real food sounds good!!!!! The food here is ok but for the most part its gross and just disgusting but im not complaining cause i just eat salads and wraps for the most part!!!!!!! Funny story the other day in lunch i went to go and get a wrap and this little mexican lady said ok what do you want!!!!! and i called her hermana grace cause that was her first name so i totally ordered in spanish and she gave me the biggest wrap ive had in the MTC it was huge and she freaking loves me now and every time i see her i just go hola hermana grace hahaha she loves me anywho there is a little funny story for ya'll!!!!! mom dont be worried im not loosing that much weight but im losing which is nice i love it and feeling good fitting in my clothes so i just eat healthy except your stuff that you send me and than run every day and do sit ups and stuff like that and the love handle excersise sky showed me!!!!!! Don't worry you will be getting more letters all of you!!!!! How are things going on at home??? Good i hope!!!! How did fasting go yesterday for you!!!!!???? i about died but at the same time i didn't cause i fasted for all of you and a bunch of other stuff which helped me and i didn't think about food to much!!!!! Last night also we got to watch the First presidency Christmas devotinal and that was just amazing and i loved every minute the music was so nice and just amazing spirit was felt there!!!!! I hope all of you are having a great holiday season its not the same here during the holidays it really just feels like another ordinary day but oh well in the field it will be different can you believe that this wednesday is my 1 month mark??!!!!! Wow time is just flying by so fast that i can't believe it!!!!!! And i heard that time in the field is that much faster!!!!! Im finally on my downhill slope being in the MTC!!!!! Just a little map of what i do everyday is like this!!!!! i wake up at 6:30 and than get showered or dressed!!!! than at 7 i go to the cafeteria and eat breakfast and than at 7:30 we go to class and sit in there for freaking 5 hours and wait till lunch we eat lunch than go back to class and sit for another 5 hours till dinner than we have class after and than sleep thats basically all that we do!!!!! if you want to know anything else just let me know!!!!!! Spanish is coming im better than some elders that have left today so i think for the most part im doing good!!!!! But no where near were i need to be so that i can talk to the people in Texas hahah oh well thats how the Lord humbles us!!!!!!!!! Well i gotta go but i Love you all and always thinking and praying about you but know that im so focused and so glad that im here serving my lord my God and so should all you!!!!!!! Be humble and read the scriptures daily i promise it will bless your lives more than you know!!!!!!!! I'll write you all today as well can't wait to hear again from you!!!! we check the mail after lunch and dinner everyday just so you know!!!!!!!! Love your big boy camo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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