Thursday, August 5, 2010

My poem :)

This is a poem I wrote at the beginning of my senior year and completely forgot about it untill i found it the other day and i fell in love with it all over again! Its called "i promise" and i hope you like it!!

♥ I PROMISE.....................

Once apon a time,
as it always starts,
two fall in love,
no longer separate hearts.
Lots of kisses and giggles,
keeping love alive and fun,
forever and always,
together as one.
A perfect love,
full of hopes and laughter,
just around the corner,
a happily ever after.
But not every relationship,
works out that way,
some go through struggles,
each and every day.
Through smiles and tears,
arguments and fights,
distance between couples,
makes tension tight.
Love quickly dies,
as lovers give up,
they say its simply too hard,
i must not be enough.
This is the point,
where they say they're done,
both hearts get broken,
now 2 not one.
So when looking for
Mr. and Mrs. right,
look for that special one,
who will endure the hard nights.
One who will protect you,
through the thunder and the rain,
who'll be there to guide you,
and hold your hand through the pain.
So, if you end up getting hurt,
your heart broken in two,
remember there is someone out there,
waiting just for you.
And when you see them standing there,
open arms and heart,
hold on tight, never give up,
and i promise you'll never part. ♥

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Jamie said...

Skyler!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! :)