Thursday, June 3, 2010

its been a while!!

so im going to try to sumarize everything i can remember haha

Well Morp was super super fun!! I went with Jameson and we had a blast!! we went to Progressive Power Tumbling, made shirts, had a bbq, went to the dance, and watched iron man. :) He was so so fun to go with and i liked it a lot!!

Drill End of the year banquet. It was like bittersweet. Happy to be done but so sad to be leaving!! So we did like awards and everything and then the juniors and sophmores thought it would be funny since we blindfolded them so much throughout the year to do it to us too hahaha they took us to the lindon lookout and it really was so nice to be with them one more time.

The thursday before Casey left he surprised me and picked me up from school and took me to do baptisms in the Salt Lake Temple. It was amazing!! He confirmed and baptised me and the temple was just gorgeous!! There were like seven weddings going on and i just was in heaven!!!! he took me to lunch after and then to a jewelry store to pick up his mommy's ring where the lady at the desk asked if it was mine haha so funny!!

These are my two math buddies Nate and Spencer!! So many good times in mr. palmers class that i will forever remember!

This is Jessica, she was in my aerobics class and we like to take pictures underwater :) Sweetest girl in the world!

Me and Cameron went to my brother's Shakespear play at his school to watch him. He did a great job!!! haha but of course he was his cool self and made his part as modern and cool as possible. He's the best! I was making him laugh on stage too!!! so funny!! He really does look like me with makeup on haha

We performed in the last assembly at school. We did competition hip hop and we got to wear whatever we wanted and have our hair down. It was way fun. This is the GIT 5 of course!! :)

Casey's farewell was really good. Haha i didn't cry once!! But he did so good on his talk!! He is going to be an amazing missionary! Im so proud of him and everything he's done!

I graduated seminary!! :) I talked and sang! My song that i made for Rock Reflections was put to music and approved to be sung! I loved it! everything went smooth and i was just so happy! :)

Lagoon!! So i was kinda too busy riding all the rides and just having so much fun that i didn't take a lot of pictures haha but it was so so fun!! We went on most of the rides and even the Sky Coaster of course!! I do it every time! I had so much fun with the girls and cam!! :)

Senior Sunset :)

IM GRADUATED!!!! Weird i know haha but im liking it lots! Graduation was a great day :)

Saying goodbye.... Goodbye to my dear Casey and to my Baby Buddie :( I love you both!

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