Monday, May 10, 2010

Thought Process.

1. I need to workout in the morning! I have been a slacker! Time to get my butt into gear! No more excuses!! I need to make some progress in week 3.
2. Last night... :) Still thinking about it and hoping everything turns out just the way im imagining it!!
3. The benefit concert was amazing and so uplifting and really made a huge impact on me!! I hope everything goes good with tiff! She is such and inspiration and so strong!
4. Plans. Plans that need work to accomplish that im not doing very well at fulfilling.
5. laundry... i swear its never going to be done!!
6. scrapbook... dang. yep dunno how that is going to get done!!
7. good time at lunch with best friend!! :) miss him much! was so so fun!
8. Need to go find a job....like now!!

Ah!! Lets plan my day for tomorrow yeah??

morning workout
8:00 Dentist
lunch- sem co meeting
after school apply for jobs in provo
finish scrapbook pages
try to clean room and do some laundry

Lets hope i get all this done!! must stay focused! :)

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