Monday, May 10, 2010

im an addict.

Weddings. I love love LOVE weddings!! I think they are the prettiest, most exciting things in the world! They are so beautiful themselves but add a beautiful couple in there and its breath-taking! Here are a few of my favorite wedding ideas :)

I love this dress with a passion! I think it is just gorgeous and so perfect!

I also love this dress because it has that edgy feel but is still elegant and beautiful.

I love the simplicity and elegance of this cake. It just has a fairytale feel to it.

I loved these wedding pictures. They are so vintage and fun and i really love just the looke of them!

This arrangement i think is so so pretty! And im such a pink girl that i just automatically fell in love with it.

I was completely blown away by this wedding theme!! If i had the money i would totally do something like this! Its like something right out of a princess book!! I love the clean and dreamy feel it has and its just gorgeous!!!

Of course I loved this theme wedding becasue daisies are my favorite flower!!

I loved this theme because it was so classy and preppy/pretty and somewhat vintage. I love the dark grey/blue color they matched the pink with!!

This is my dream wedding ring! I love the princess cut diamonds and just the elegance and simplicity it has! So so pretty!!!

This is what my wedding is going to look like when i get married! I saw this and absolutely fell in love with it!! It is simple but still lively and pretty!! and i love just the happiness feel it has overall!! This is my dream wedding :) Tan, green and accents of baby pink :)

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