Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22

Today was great! I woke up and ran, yes RAN 3 miles straight! 30 miles of straight running! I would have gone longer because I wasn't even tired but I had to get ready for school.  I went to school and had a reallly good day! I got a lot done in my architecture class.  Seminary was amazing!! I love seminary!  It really just puts me in the best mood and makes me so so happy! Then I actually concentrated in math and got most of my homework done! Then it was Yoga day which is my favorite so that was really nice!! I did have to work today but i didn't mind, i was just really tired. I finished putting together all of mommy's preparedness binders thank goodness! I don't think my back could take anymore haha.  So I decided somthing today... I need to go talk to the general authourities about changing Casey's mission date.  I mean i love him and all but.... He needs to leave... NOW! haha but really!  I just want him to leave so he can come home!  And also so i can write him and have England parties! Im so excited for him to go on his mission! He's going to do amazing!  Today was a good day :)

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