Monday, April 13, 2009


I love Easter! I had a really good one this year! I got a really pretty Easter dress. All white of course! And church was just amazing. Our lesson in young womens was amazing! I cried! haha. But it just went through the life of the savior and it was truly amazing! Then came home and got everything ready for the whole family to come over for our traditional easter egg hunt! The night before we spent four hours fill easter eggs with candy and lots a money! FOUR HUNDRED EGGS! Yeah crazy i know! In the picture you can't really see it but all those little speckles on the grass are eggs! Dinner was just amazing as usually and just like every other family party i definitely over ate! Then we had our big easter egg hunt and that was so funny like always! Of course all the adult cheat but oh well. I think sterling made the most money with 47 dollars or something like that. Then we had desert, watched movies, and just played around. I love my family! :) Happy Easters! :)


Jamie said...

You are so awesome Sky! Thanks for taking four hours to fill eggs...WOW! You always contribute in such a great way...LOVE YA!

Misty said...

I love Easter! Mom and Dad take the time to allow us to act like kids again. We have sweet parents! I'm glad you posted pics....I might have to steal some, because I didn't take any. Anyways, cute blog.....and Sterling CHEATS!!!!!