Sunday, October 5, 2008


Wow. Like really one of the funnest days of my life! For our day date, Ozzy picked me up and we went and got subway for lunch and then headed up into Provo canyon to eat. There was a big group of us but we were all in separate cars and there was confusion so it ended up just being me and ozzy and jeff and tasi, which was so so much fun! So we went to nuns park and ate and then started playing in the river. we walked up the river helping each other get up. We all got a little wet but it was fun. We then walked up to the waterfall and decided to climb it. Not just hike on the trail but actually hike up it. Wow so so much fun! Jeff led with us girls going up next and Ozzy behind us. I trust him with my life so i felt completely safe. About every three minutes Austin would say, "I'm right here sky. I won't let you fall." He's such a sweetheart :) But to me it was kinda a spiritual experience. I definitely learned something. When we got to the top we played right under the waterfall. Thank goodness for my waterproof camera! We were all soaked! Then we hiked down on the trail and they took us home. The picked us up about and hour and a half later and we went to Ottavios for dinner. The food was amazing! And we had a guy playing the accordian for us and singing. It was so cool! It was funny cuz me and Austin are really good buddies and everyone else in our group were like actual couples so there's everyone holding hands under the table and being all close and stuff and there's me and ozzy totally like poking each other and just messing around. The dance was probably one of the funnest dances i've been to. I think there was only one slow dance that me and ozzy were actually seriously slow dancing, all the others we were totally just having a blast! He was such a fun date! After the dance, all sweaty haha, We went to my friend john bently's house and they had all sorts of deserts. They had like cake, cupcakes, stuff for chocolate fondu, it was all so so amazing! All of us were so dead tired though hahahaha. It was great. Ozzy got me home at 12:25 sharp :) I then went in and told mom all about it. :)

It was truly one of the best dances/dates of my life. I can't wait for Sadies! I asked Bryce walker! :) He's about 9 feet tall! haha i can't wait! I think this is going to be a really fun year! If i can jus get all this Browne drama figured out... ah! Its all good though. Im jus going to let the lord put those in my life who are supposed to be there :) Its jus my job to love everyone and forgive everyone :)

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