Wednesday, March 13, 2013

what being engaged is all about.

since i've decided to completely ignore my blog for all of and probably the remainder of our engaged lives, i might as well talk a little bit about what engaged life is like for us two sillys. it includes:

  • the obvious one, wedding planning
  • nights i stay at home like a hobo, waiting for him to get off work -- most times just to fall asleep before he gets off anyways
  • texting at 5:00 in the morning for 30 minutes trying to talk ourselves out of working out
  • saying we are going to lose weight and then gorging on yummy treats
  • midnight clearance blu-ray bin dives
  • buying a tv just to purposely get into debt.... weird one i know
  • job hunting
  • bishop meetings where we learned what a traffic light was
  • unpleasant "green light" doctor visits
  • ring shopping/designing - for him
  • lots and lots of kissing
  • PDA
  • packing my room with so much wedding stuff its over flowing
  • test tasting... best way to get in a free meal
  • preparing to remodel our cute apartment
  • house hunting and then house wishing
  • weird snap chats
  • getting used to his new "toys"
  • too many movies that we never finish watching because we fall asleep
  • saying i love you every other text
  • goodnight kisses
  • lots of eloping plans
  • ..... and us being two crazy kids in love who are getting married in two months and two days! :)
life is good :)

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