Monday, March 18, 2013

vague: version 3

I have successfully written two versions of a blog post called vague; this is version three and it's sticking. There are four reasons to calling it "vague."

  1. the way the word is spelled is intriguing and fun to write with a pen.
  2. most of the things i will list here will not need an explanation so therefore causing it to seem vague
  3. some things i say are still in the works so i will list them vaguely
  4. because the spelling of "vaguely" in #3 is also very intriguing.
now onto all these vague things.

I am thinking about starting another blog. Semi like the one that I talked about in a past post, but a little different. It may have something to do with me becoming a mrs. but I'm not sure yet... it's in the works

right now//
The future hubby is still in the job market and things are looking up.

We are starting to make decisions together about big things and sometimes it makes me feel old. he tells me to just live in the moment.... so i am :)

I am finding out that we work really well together on things and the fact that the whole mind reading thing may not be such a joke to us anymore. telepathy... its a really thing. 

we really like food, but we like feeling good even better... we only have 12 weeks anyways! time to get our butts into gear... sisters! You too!!

we will be officially married in 59 days... and yes i am counting down.

bishops are more inspired than you think.


we are in love

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