Thursday, March 28, 2013

for lack of better words

i'll be completely honest... i have been purposely neglecting my blog... both of them really.

this one because i want to start writing on the other and the other because its currently ugly and i have no idea what i want it to look like. plus... i need to start drafting an opening post and i feel like that is going to be a novel.

a little bit behind what the new blog is going to be like... i thought a lot about why i blog, what i love to write about and also lots about my patriarchal blessing and things it says in there and so on and so on... and that is where the idea of my new blog started. i realized that i learn a lot about love, my relationship with cameron and the little family we are beginning every single day, but all of these lessons and ah ha moments are just being stored in the overly packed storage room in my mind. what use is that to me or anyone who is in the same boat as me? i talked with cameron about my ideas and although he thinks im crazy and blogs are silly... he supported me and told me to just go for it. i wanted it to be a little bit more official than just another blog so i spent days trying to figure out the right name and once i did i gave it it's own domain. that was exciting all together trying to figure that out! now its just ready for the designing part.

in a nut shell, it is going to be about me, cameron, our love and my experiences as Mrs. Hunt! i am super excited and ready to record everything down that i learn daily. yes, some of it will be complete honesty, the mushy gushy, cheesy and sappy and sometimes weird... but that is us and we love it.

again, not sure when the new blog will be ready but hopefully within the next few weeks! :)

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