Tuesday, December 11, 2012

memorable moments

many years ago, me and my mom were in a long line at kinko's getting some things copied when the guy in front of us answered a phone call. the parts i remember from the conversation: "Hi honey..... of course I will sweetie.... anything else you need me to get while I am out.... okay I love you sweetheart.... see you soon" now i know what you are thinking... this was a young guy, probably still in the honeymoon stage... nope. he looked about mid 30s with kids. he treated her so sweetly and best of all.. he was in a crowded room so everyone could hear! i have never forgotten that moment.

yesterday i had my own moment. we were walking into the grocery store hand in hand, he went and got a cart and was pushing it and asked what i needed. i started naming off all the items i needed and then i said corn tortillas. he turned and looked at me saying in the kindest voice, "sweetie, i have corn tortillas. we don't need those love!" with everyone around he still is a sweetheart. 

one thing that i have cherished since day one of dating this man... he never ends a call or conversation without saying i love you. no matter who he is with.

i am living a fairytale.

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