Thursday, November 29, 2012

Date night!

Last night we went on a double date with my brother and Aubrey to the BYU game. We stopped at Crown Burger before for dinner and that really started the night off! Cam was naughty and taught brayden how to split salt... no details there! Then they decided to eat their food with their elbows touching. Funniest part is, cam can barely touch his elbows together, let alone eat with them touching, it was funny!
We got to the game and it was okay. Everyone was really off so it was kind of a boring game, but still fun! We did a lot of sneeping and cam was being so funny! 
We were all crazy after the game! It went from running all over the parking lots, killing each other, tackling and being silly running into and over things! We sang and danced all the way to cold stone and just kept the funny going. On our way home cam put in his spanish hip hop music and showed us how a real mexican drives haha he is too funny! I honestly haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time! (sorry the picture isn't the greatest) Oh and yes he has a gotee... i don't love it and I don't think he does either haha but it's not staying for long that is for sure! haha don't worry... he isn't rebelling!

Every day and night with him is wonderful! :) 

I am happy! :)

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