Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jake's Archery

On Monday I took work off to spend the day with Cameron! We went to the gym and got way to sore, had a great time at the dentist getting our teeth cleaned and then went shooting at Jake's Archery while visiting with Cody. I actually enjoy shooting a ton! Right now I am only shooting a recurve but soon I'll upgrade to a compound! 
I didn't want to go home and do homework and Cam would not let me plan anything but homework. I got upset, stood up and shot the bow like a boss. Cam just sat there laughing at me! He told me he loves when I am mad because I just take it out on silly things like driving fast and in this instance... shooting the life out of the bow. He told me that if I hit the yellow I wouldn't have to do homework. So I did and took a picture for him to prove it! I hit it several times, but for some reason he didn't let it count. Brat face! It was fun though!

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