Saturday, October 13, 2012

the day will come.

i am so busy. overly busy. i seriously make time to write on here because i know i need to, but there aren't many things i actually have time to do. you would think that having completely booked days and things to do would make time go faster and i wouldn't think about it.

yeah right.

he is all i think about. all the time. i am always thinking about him, the airport, what he is doing, how happy we are going to be together. i wouldn't say it is bad, but it definitely doesn't make the time go faster. i've realized now that nothing does and i just have to be patient. its so close and it is coming fast, i just need to push through it and truly find joy in the journey. i know Heavenly Father is there helping me too. not just with calming my heart and mind, but he sends others to help me also.

last night in particular. for some reason i had no plans at all. i decided i would just stay at home and watch tv with the parentals and then go to bed early. i don't have many friends haha i struggle at making them and with my best friend having a boyfriend, yeah i see her every once in a while. long story short, i was invited by some of camerons best friends to go out and get frozen yogurt and go to a movie. take note they are all married. i was hesitant at first. i was scared it would just make me sad and i have a recent history of major melt downs and i did not want that to happen in front of them all. im supposed to be strong, and i am, but still nervous of what could happen. i knew that it is what cameron would have wanted and really... i love them. they are going to be me and cam's married friends and i want to build that relationship. i decided to go. i ended up having so much fun! yes, my heart strings were tugged and pulled a little, but i've had two years of that so i think i can handle it a little. they will never know how much i needed and appreciated them inviting me. acceptance is something we all want, and knowing that cam's best friends like me, it just is one more answer to my prayers. so thank you from the bottom of my heart! you know who you are!

Today I am really excited because the Hunts are taking me to Witches Night Out for my birthday! I have the cutest witch costume and I used my creative skills on my witch hat. I can't wait to post pictures! Again, another heart string pulled because last time, Cam was here, but I can do hard things! He will love all of the pictures and videos I take. I will hopefully post them tonight!


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Emily Romney Dawe said...

So So happy you could come with us! It was such a fun night, more to come soon! :)