Sunday, October 28, 2012


I remember when Cameron left I had all of these goals that I was going to accomplish before he got home. Today I was thinking about all the things I needed to do before he gets home in two weeks and was thinking back to all of my goals. Had I done all I wanted to do? What more do I still have left? I decided it would be a good idea to write them down now and compare them to what I have done over the past two years.

Get my schooling done - I quit school at about his year mark but then had the prompting that I should go back. I am now back in school and trying to keep up and stay focused. But hey, I went back and that is an accomplishment all in itself.

Save money - This one I feel like I failed at miserably, but this is not about failures this is about accomplishments. I have learned over the past two years how important it is to save money, I pay for all of my own bills, insurance and car payments, and I have learned how to be responsible with a credit card. I may not have much money in the bank, but I have a lot more knowledge on the importance of saving money and spending it on the right things. I am glad I learned this now than when I got married.

Buy a Car - I bought one of my dream cars. No it was not the smartest thing I have done financially, but it sure is teaching me how to budget and be responsible with making those payments.

Lose Weight - I never made it to my ultimate goal, but I have overall lost 20 pounds and I feel great! I am learning to love my body and who I am and to just eat healthy.

Run a half marathon - I have now just completed two of these. This was one of my biggest accomplishments because I never thought I could be a runner..... and enjoy it! I stuck to this one, as hard as it was, and I feel like I can do anything now.

Become a Spiritual Giant - This goal was intended to be a growing experience for both me and Cameron. Throughout this two year journey I have been on one of the biggest spiritual rollercoasters ever. I have been at my very strongest and have also flown down to my absolute lowest. There were many times when I thought, "He is going to come home and I won't be spiritual enough," or, "I am truly changing into a horrible person." It was times like those that I really experienced true love from my Savior and for my Savior. I have learned some of the biggest lessons about the Atonement and God's individual plan for me. There are lessons that, even though they were the hardest things to go through, have made me stronger as a Daughter of my Heavenly Father.

Read the Entire Book of Mormon - No, this one isn't going to happen, but I haven't stopped reading it so that is good enough for me! Plus I can't wait to read it with Cameron.

Be a better person - This one has been a full two year journey, and will be a lifelong journey. No one can say they became a good person on this date and called it good. Like the Gospel, it requires progression. Now, I haven't always progressed forward during these past two years. I took quite a few steps backwards, but you stop, learn a lesson, and then press forward again. I believe at this moment I am become such a good person and the person I want to be and I can't wait to see where my progression takes me.

Create a better Relationship with Cameron - We have truly accomplished this one together. One thing I love about me and Cameron is we work on things together. It isn't "I will work as hard as i want and you do the same and hopefully we will meet up" we do things together, always. Every trial we have faced head on together. We may have been apart for two years, but we have grown in a way not many couples can experience, through words and feelings. We are stronger than we have ever been and have a love that can't break.

I definitely have accomplished more in the past two years, but those are the major goals I've had since day one and I would say I've done pretty good. As I look back on those two years, there are many mistakes I made and I was far from perfect, but that is what is so wonderful about the gospel and forgiveness. We can be forgiven and not look back. Progress forward. I am grateful for the lessons I've learned, especially the hard ones, because I know those are only going to benefit me in my marriage, being a mother and my entire life.

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