Tuesday, October 9, 2012


i feel like my entire life i have taken prayer for granted. i can't believe it has taken me 23 out of  24 lonely months to realize that i do have someone else i can tell everything to all the time. my Heavenly Father! i have always believed in prayer and have prayed but not actually conversed with God about my day. lately, that is all i want to do is be in constant conversation with Him! my favorite part, telling him all the funny stories! it not only gives him a chance to see the real and happy me, but i feel him so close to me and laughing with me and i really get to know him. he cares about the hot chocolate i spilled on my shirt after saying i wouldn't, or when cameron said that really funny thing to me in our emails! and i am LOVING telling him all of these because one day when i return back to him I know that he will come up to me and say, remember when you were being so silly that one day and we just laughed and laughed?

i know that God has a sense of humor and that he loves us! He misses us and wants to hear about our day. Sure he knows, but he loves to hear it from our own mouths. I know that prayer works and that we can talk to Heavenly Father whenever we want! God is amazing! :)


Emily Romney Dawe said...

Sky, we need to get together soon and have lunch or something :) maybe celebrate our birthdays too and of course Cam's. Sadly, I don't even have your number, text or call me any time 801-372-5360

.just sky. said...

Hey Em! Yeah we definitely need to do something soon! I am just so crazy busy but we will definitely find time! :)