Monday, October 1, 2012

i need thee every hour

There is a saying from cute Al Fox, who may be the biggest spiritual giant I have ever met, she always says "Use the Internet for good." This has been on my mind a lot lately. Not just how much I am on the internet, but how I use the internet. I thought about how big of a distraction it has been in my life and all of the things I could be doing instead of being online all the time and browsing at things that don't even matter. They definitely aren't going to make me a better person. This may be a little extreme, but I even thought about Cameron coming home and asking me what I did for two years and saying "well, my blog is cute and I have this many friends and have tweeted this much." How ridiculous is that? I want to say, "look at all that I have accomplished, how much I have grown and all those I have served." Being that it is the beginning of one of the best months of the year, I decided that there needs to be a change. So, we are taking baby steps and the first steps this morning were to delete my Twitter and Tumblr. Both being pretty much a waste of time. And it is already so nice. The next step, organizing my life.

I also have been thinking so much about how much I need my Heavenly Father and how much he loves me and all of us. We all make mistakes and no matter how big or small they are, he always loves us and welcomes us back to him! There is no one who loves us more and is more forgiving than our own Father in Heaven and it is so comforting to know that I am his child and can return to live with him again because of the Atonement of my Brother Jesus Christ. If that doesn't bring you peace, I don't know what will!

All He wants is for us to be happy and to tell him about our lives. He wants to help us! Lately I have been struggling so much with being completely happy. I have missed my Cameron so much and felt like I wasn't good enough for anyone, which is enough to cause meltdown after meltdown. Not to mention the lack of sleep! But I know that I choose whether I want to be happy or not and that the Lord is there to help me through it! I only have 6 weeks till he is home and in those next six weeks I want to grow as much spiritually as I possibly can!

This Gospel is amazing and God loves us more than we could ever know!! The Atonement is amazing and is for everyone no matter what! I am so grateful for my family and the gospel in my life! Nothing brings more happiness, direction and peace to your life than the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

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Kiley said...

Sky, my beautiful dear friend...why are you such an inspiration to me every time I check out your blog. keep it up! Cam comes home soon! :)