Friday, October 5, 2012

becoming changed.

39 days.

that is how long i have left to reach my goals.
to be at the weight i want to be.
to be just me.
to be the example i always wanted to be.
to be happy and loving.
to serve others.
to grow and become better.

lately i have been such a slacker and this week really just took a turn for the worst. now that i have had plenty of restfull nights of sleep, enough food for a month and a change of mind and heart... i am ready to make these last 39 days the best i've had these past two years. i want to be happy and i choose to be happy. :)

we all make mistakes but the biggest mistake is to dwell on them and stay stuck in the past. look forward and keep going.

"I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it."

Who is excited for General Conference this weekend??!! THIS GIRL! :) :)

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