Thursday, October 11, 2012

alma [the younger]

This morning I was reading the story of Alma the younger and his true conversion, but it wasn't until now when I realized how much I needed to hear that story today. You can find the whole story in Mosiah 27-28.

After Alma has been talked to by the Angel and struck dumb, he is brought to the realization of the power and glory of the Lord.
He wakes and says vs 24, "For, said he, I have repented of my sins, and have been redeemed of the Lord; behold I am born of the Spirit."
He then goes on to testify of Christ. I can only imagine the weight lifted off of not only his shoulders from all of his sins, but his father Alma, Mosiah and all of the members of the church. This was the answer to their prayers.
From Alma's perspective, he has been persecuting the church, doing all of the wrong things and turning his back to the Lord. The talk he got from the Angel must have been so hard to take in and I can't even imagine the guilt. Once he had seen all of his sin and truly repented, he was "Born of God." He felt love, happiness and an abundance of the spirit. His guilt was taken away and he dedicated the rest of his life to serving the people of the church and bringing others unto Christ.
All of that right there explains what I have gone through. Although not as extreme as Alma and the sons of Mosiah, I have made mistakes and done things I am not proud of, but I was brought to the realization of what I had  done, I had repented and want to share this gospel with everyone. And come closer to Christ and my Father in Heaven.
Satan is still there though and he tries to put that guilt and fear back into our minds. I know he has with mine. It can become confusing and I have put myself down so many times because of it. The Lord is there to take that away though and I know that if I have truly repented, I should not fear. With God, we should never fear. God is winning!

Mosiah 27:36, "And thus they were instruments in the hands of God in bringing many to the knowledge of their Redeemer."

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