Tuesday, September 25, 2012

traitor? maybe

on saturday, after going and doing baptisms at the beautiful Draper temple, i was able to drive around and look at all of the beautiful homes that are up there. looking at them and analyzing their features made me really miss architecture. I miss drafting so much!

Well... it just so happens that i have been so lost about what I was wanting to go into with school and had decided that it couldn't be anything that had to do with people...

all of these things added with prayer led into a realization today that i am meant to go to architecture school.

as of 45 minutes and $100 ago, my application to the University of Utah is in and all transcripts have been sent.... now we wait and see if i get in and if that is really the course i am meant to take.

and to be honest... i am happy and feel good :)

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