Saturday, September 8, 2012

the wind.

if you haven't heard the song "the wind" you should probably listen to it. it makes me happy and is totally me and cam's song... well one of the hundreds of them! Just don't go look it up on youtube... the music video is dumb.

cam's 50 days left is coming up and i think a music video is in order! this may involve his boots, mustaches, horns, a miniature cowboy hat and lots of awful and awesome, uncontrolled dancing. anyone wanna help me film?

stay tuned... this is going to be awesome!


Emily Romney Dawe said...

Have you ever heard the song "Blue Sweater" by Poema? If not, listen to it. That was one of my favorites while Parker was on his mission, it was exactly how I felt.

.just sky. said...

Yes I have heard it and I love it! :)