Thursday, September 6, 2012

i needed it

i am thankful for my trials, because i need them to learn. and trust me, i have learned.

now its time to be happy. oh did i mention that i only have 9 more letters to write until cam gets home?! yes nine!! i honestly am so excited and ready for my best friend to come home to me!

i found out today that cam wants to come home and play football and to be honest... i got really excited about it! :) i have always been really nervous about it just because i didn't want him to get hurt again, but I really hope that he can walk on and I can be there cheering for my big, tough football Hunk! :)

I worked a lot today. things kind of crashed and burned and i had to be in meetings until two hours after I was supposed to go home/go to school. but its okay. i felt important and involved in the company!

the church is true. christ lives. and just be happy and be lovely :)

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