Monday, September 10, 2012

happy sunday

this sunday freaking rocked! it was seriously one of the best sundays i have had in a long time! the lessons taught in all of the meetings were exactly what i needed to hear and i loved the prompting i got to go and sing with the choir today! that made my day! in sacrament meeting we talked about temples and they had a couple go up that are getting married on thursday and talk about their preparation for going to the temple and what it meant to them and every word they said just made me that much more excited for the day that i sit across the alter from my sweet cam and am sealed to him for time and all eternity! then in sunday school my teacher was bomb! she was amazing and talked about setting your foundation on Christ and what that entails. we talked about scripture study and prayers and the reasons why we don't do them. it was said that our lives get so busy and we say we don't have time and that is the first thing we drop... when it should be something that doesn't get dropped at all! that really made me think and realize that i will set those two things as my priority! then in relief society we talked about having faith that everything is going to work out and we also talked about the line. there is a line that divides the Lord's side from Satan's side and we talked about how we need to stay on the Lord's side and never even go near that line where Satain can grab you and pull you over. i thought it was interesting because they talked about how satan can grab you and drag you over the line to his side, but why doesn't heavenly father grab us and pull us over to his side? that is because of agency. it is so like satan to try and take your agency and pull you across his line, where Heavenly Father simply guides you back to his side, letting you make your own decisions, and is standing there with open arms every time to welcome you back on his side and into his fold! I love it!!! then i come home and get some things done for mom that makes me feel good! then the family came over and I just love them with all my heart! I don't know what I would do without them! then off to ward prayer and then recapping the entire day with a good friend and just being able to talk about what we learned in church. that was so nice! then staying up to do some homework and some pondering and writing cam's letter and email and now blogging. this sunday has been wonderful! now here is to a positive, happy and good week to come! :) :)

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