Friday, September 28, 2012


there have been a lot of questions lately about my life so here are some answers.

I want to go and be an architect.
I may secretly be planning a wedding in my head.
46 days till he is home.
and yes i am so excited i can't focus on anything.
No i do not know a date of when we are getting married.
Everyone is having babies so naturally i am baby hungry, but can definitely wait.
Yes it freaks me out that he is coming home, but its kind of a good freak out.
No im not really excited about the hike tonight, i hate being in the dark in the mountains.
am i going to marry him? yes.
no i don't have the entire future planned because we have no idea what is going to happen. 
and i am very excited to go through that "figuring it out" process with him.
time is going slower every single day that it gets closer.
what if things don't work out? they will. but plan b is, i am selling everything and moving to thailand for a year or two. or possibly a mission.

okay i think that answers some of them. got anymore? just ask. Im basically an open book.

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