Sunday, August 12, 2012


so basically my life went from busy to completely nuts! lets review this past week and then we will go on to what is going on these next 13 weeks :)

So this past week, not only did work pick up a ton and get so busy, but i realized something.... i actually have friends haha. Monday was FHE and we had a blast playing water softball, then I went with a ton of my friends from the ward to Costa and then to watch a movie.

Tuesday sucked big time with trying to figure out school and how I was going to pay for it. I had a huge melt down at my sisters house and it was just a rough day but thanks to prayers and wonderful friends who bring me brownies... i made it and everything worked out! :)

Wednesday was pretty good. I had some really good learning and growing up experiences and had a great talk with miss angela :)

Thursday I went and got pedicures with Kaytlin after work which was amazing! Then we had a great time just talking about everything and she really is my best friend! I don't know what I would do without her! Then we had a fire in my back yard and popped popcorn. Trenton came over and tazz and lauren were there too and it was just a chill night.

Friday we went up early to our YSA Summer Conference and it was so much fun! You know... I used to hate activities with the YSA just because I am dumb like that but this was a blast! We went boating right when we got there and then we swam out to the little what ever it was dock haha it was like 5 feet by 5 feet seriously! and we were jumping off of it and throwing each other off. I have some pretty nice bruises from it! It then started pouring! haha so we sat in the back of my car and played games... hahahaha too funny :) The best part was the dance that night! I went crazy... the krumping came out... oh heck haha! Brother Blackhurst will never look at me the same! The dance went until one in the morning but it was so much fun! I loved that conference and made so many good friends there! I am so glad I went and grew such a testimony of the singles ward and how powerful activities are! I am converting haha

That was my week... super crazy, but it is only going to get crazier! So first I am staring my 13 week challenge weight wise.. I am just going to eat good like crazy and work so hard and I WILL have the body I want when cam gets home! Plus I hate feeling like crap haha :) Then I start school, plus trying to make time for friends and all of my ward activities... it is just going to be crazy but I seriously just can't wait for it all!! And time is going to go so fast!! :) Welp.. time for ward prayer :)

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