Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Miss Kylie

I am so blessed to be the visiting teacher of one of the most angelic and sweet girls on this earth. Her name is Kylie and anyone who knows her absolutely loves her! She just has a spirit about her that is admirable to everyone. She loves with an infinite love and her smile will brighten your day. She is slightly handicaped, although I am not exactly sure what she has. She is high functioning though and has no problem with communicating.

Last night she called me asking what we were doing for FHE, because she wasn't able to make it to church. I let her know we were having a dance and she got so excited! I picked her up and she was dancing before she even got out of the car. She was loving every moment of the dance and everyone included her. People are so amazing! I caught her dancing with a boy and when I finally brought it up to her she got all giddy and giggly... it was the cutest thing! She giggled all the way home as I kept telling her how cute he was :) She wore herself right out but had such a good time. I could not be more grateful that I have the opportunity to be the visiting teacher of such a special daughter of our Heavenly Father! I truly love that girl and she is my biggest example of what true happiness is.

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