Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Warning: Super long Post!

this is going to be totally random but i have lots to say so here it goes.

General Conference was more than amazing! I got so many answers to questions and it is always nice to just have a clear mind and be refocused on the things you should be doing. I am definitely a different person this week than I was last week because of the power of the spirit. I was surprised that no new temples were announced but I'm not even using my temple that I have right outside my door so I should probably concentrate on that one rather than new ones! Going to Conference was amazing as well. Being there in the same room with your brothers and sisters and the Prophet of the Lord simply brings a spirit you can't feel anywhere else. I love it! I am so grateful for conference and can't wait to read the talks over and over again.

I finally spent the two hours that I needed to clean my car. Poor Phoebee... she wasn't very happy with me, but now she is clean and lovely. :)

We got a new SD card from Cam this weekend!! I couldn't have been happier. He looks amazing and is just wasting away! He is so little now! I need to get myself going so that I can lose that weight as well. He is just amazing though and I love him more than ever! He is my everything :)

Yesterday was Valorie King's funeral and that was rough. I deal with death in such an odd way. I don't like to get sad, at all. So I basically try to not let myself get sad and put up a wall, acting like its not effecting me at all. Well that wall didn't last very long at the funeral. It was a beautiful service though. She was honored very well. The family did amazing and everything worked out really good. She was such a beautiful woman who was loved by everyone. She will be missed.

So last night when I was reading my scriptures, I was in 1 Nephi 15 and was reading about after Nephi gets to see the dream that Lehi had and he goes back to his brothers who are upset because they don't understand the dream and then Nephi has like this mini melt down for a verse and then is fine the next verse. Not going to lie, I seriously laughed out loud! The Book of Mormon is true! If it wasn't, Nephi definitely wouldn't be having little meltdowns! It also helped me connect with Nephi in such a way I haven't been able to before. It was a great scripture study night!

I have the best sisters! This morning I really was not excited to start my workout and here comes Kellie slapping my butt and getting me to run with her. It was just what I needed! Even though I may have said a few bad words to her, I am so happy that she was there to push me when I couldn't push myself. Just like all of my sisters have done! I owe who I am today to them and our great mom! :)

I am going to ALABAMA!! What?! So, okay story. I was just working along, thinking I was being so productive, sending out all these messages for this group of offices and everything was going great until one of my directors comes over and asks what I did. I explained the messages that I had just sent out, and I could tell by his smirk that I had done something. Oh and did I? I not only crashed our servers because of all the messages that got sent out, but I also got us almost blacklisted for AT&T and Cricket. Great right? Come to find out we sent 246,456 messages out. Correction, I sent out 246,456 messages out. So that happens and I am dying because this is not the first time I have completely killed our servers. Then my boss comes and taps on my shoulder and asks to talk to me. Shiz. Im screwed. I go into her office and she lets me know that I am going to Alabama! I will be starting up another group and they want to meet me and do some trainings with me in their corporate offices!! Oh my gosh I was trying not to smile too big. I am so excited but so nervous at the same time! Shopping this weekend for sure! Im a big girl now! So Im not in trouble and definitely not losing my job so major blessing there! Plus I have never been to Alabama so this will be an adventure. Ah!

Life is so great can I just tell you?

Read your scriptures and say your prayers and your's will be great too! :)

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