Sunday, April 1, 2012

okay, so weird.

so last night i was just doing some usual blog-stalking and was reading a missionary girlfriend's blog that my mom had sent me. those are always the best because i can relate to them more than they know! as i was reading through, i decided to read one of the comments, totally random. the girl who left the comment said that she was a missionary girlfriend as well and left her blog address. so why not check it out right? i was looking around at it and their pictures, oh so totally cute. i started scrolling down and looking at her boyfriend's mtc pictures and that's when is saw him! there was one picture of her boyfriend, two other tonganish looking boys and then one white boy. she was laughing because she asked if readers could tell which one was his comp. i laughed thinking about cam's mtc comps and then i looked a bit closer, MATT! this girl's, boyfriend's companion was my home teacher that had just left for the mtc! okay, crazy small world. it was way good to see him, but so funny at the same time! i will have to write him and let him know about this experience.

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