Friday, November 18, 2011


in response to the 6:50 view of the newest twilight saga movie: Breaking Dawn I would like express my thoughts to those involved:

Dear Edward,
You are now beautifying quite nicely! I will say I was extremely impressed. You look great and your role was less cheesy and exactly how I imagined you being. My favorite parts in the movie are still when you smile and have your funny side. Never been a fan of the overly serious you. You were overall simply wonderful.

Dear Bella,
I will admit at the first of the movie I disliked you. Much like the last movies, only because you are too serious and I can never tell your emotion or thoughts. You are way too difficult to read. I will say though, once the weird lady said death to you in whatever language she was speaking, that is when I started liking you. I could finally understand what you were feeling by your facial expressions. Good job there. And I did like your role in this movie. Well done.

Dear Jacob,
You are just adorable. And I love how much you care about Bella but I wanted you to just be over her. I thought you imprinting on Renesmee would be extremely weird, but it wasn't. I do think you need some anger management sometime though. But your beauty makes up for it. Way to go for being the hero!

Dear Emmit,
You just keep looking better by the second! And your strong muscles are very nice too! This is my favorite movie with you... by far!

Dear Rosalie,
You are gorgeous and your role this movie... flawless. I wish I could have seen more of you though! Way to be the best sister-in-law.

Dear Alice and Jasper,
You have always been my favorite couple in the series! Thank you for being pretty and always making things funny.

Dear Esme and Carlisle,
You are both too gorgeous for words and I have always been a fan. You definitely win the best parents award. I didn't see much of either of you this movie, but I know there is more to come.

More comments:
The wolf talking to each other scene... lame. That was not good and totally could have been done better. I understood it because I read the book... but that is all. Sorry, but you were disliked. Also, the ocean, nakedness scene... kind of looked like a cartoon... not my favorite. My mom would call much of this movie "disturbing"

Overall this was absolutely wonderful and I can't wait for the next one! Too bad we have to wait so freaking long! Oh well... gives me time to actually finish the book!

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