Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hungry vs. Happy

I am being really good! I have been watching what I eat, working out and staying motivated. It is approx. one hour and twenty two minutes till lunch time and I need food. My stomach is grumbling. I already ate my orange though. But then there is this little guy that I have been trying to avoid.

Cameron (the IT guy) put it on my desk after I told him I couldn't have it and I was doing good not being tempted by the goodness of it all. Now I am in this state of hunger and it has become a whole different situation. I am drifting into sleepinees, losing all type of motivation. For this I will have to make an acception. I worked out hard and this will hardly throw off my day. Perhaps even give me the motivation I need to be good the rest of the day. It is decided. Eating him would be a good choice. Happy and Healthy eating!

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