Wednesday, July 27, 2011

interesting pets.

Let me introduce you to my babies and the silly things they do.

First: Big Camo.
He is a beautiful beta and likes to eat. A lot. I always know when he wants to eat as well. He makes it very clear by swimming up and down the tank and then staring at me. As I get his food out he follows my hands and knows exactly where I am going to drop his food. I have learned that he has the memory of five months, but I think he is smarter than that. He lives with one energetic snail, one dormant snail and one hidden baby snail and has only tried to attack once. He got in big trouble that time. He now knows better. He is very friendly and loves attention.

I just bought him new plants and added his favorite fake thing to his tank and he loves it. The changing lights and bubbles give him some entertainment as well.

Second: Spock.
What an interesting snail he is. He is a cruiser and never stops moving. He eats even more then Big Camo does and is so big and fat! He eats my plants like crazy! He does some silly and weird things. i.e. today he was trying to climb into the filter, not sure why, maybe needed a small shower, but he is a character.

Third: Kevin.
He sleeps. Thats all. I refuse to think he is dead. They can sleep for 3 years. he is just tired.

Fourth: Milfred.

He is a baby. I haven't seen him for a while. he could be one of three things. 1. dead 2. hiding 3. eaten. Im hoping for the best!

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Jamie said...

I seriously laughed my butt off through that ENTIRE introduction! I have NEVER thought of fish and snails as having a personality...but you have made that so, haha. As for Kevin, the name fits PERFECTLY!!!