Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Gradually slipping back into my own shoes

The real me has been gone for a while and I think it's about time to come back.
I have confused many and should clear up a few things.
To my sisters: yes I still exist and would like to see you more!
To my family: I will keep my room clean from now on and actually do my laundry.
To Cam's family: Im still her.
To my Cam: I love you more than anything!
To all those confused people out there that may have seen me over the past weekend: I love Cam, I was on a date, I had a wonderful time, but my feelings haven't changed and Im sorry I confused you all!
To Chandler: lets be friends.
To my girls: I need more girls nights please.
To my girls's boys: please let them be for a few more nights so I can have them.
To the world: the real sky is coming back.
Just a few notes to those in my life.
Life is hard. It is definitely a struggle and all we can do is endure.
Self evaluation is a good thing and for me is leading to bigger and better things for me and all those around me!
To all those I have hurt and confused: Give me another chance to prove that I am myself again!

1 comment:

ZumbAndrea said...

No matter what happens...Me and Clint LOVE Cam too! ha ha (just had to put that in there)

ANYTIME you are needing some time together...please let me know!!! I am in need of some ME time...or girly time for better words.

Love you tonz and miss you daily!!! :)

BTW...Andrea didn't post this, its me Jamie, but I can't figure out how to log out of her account for now and leave you a message from me, ha ha...oh well (blonde moment)