Monday, May 16, 2011

as of.

List of latelys in no particular order...

  • AE: We have a love/hate relationship.
  • Resume goes in today for Smile Reminder. Fasted yesterday for it and have been praying like crazy that I will get this job.
  • Swimming with Mindy is wonderful.
  • Dried Mangoes, Oh how I love you.
  • Wisdom teeth are not nice, but can stay until June.
  • Kneaders breakfast this morning sounds nice.
  • Addicted/fail at scrabble.
  • Still madly in love with Cameron. No shocker there.
  • May be buying a car, if I get this job.
  • Had way spiritual experiences.
  • Realized I don't blog Cam's emails anymore, and Im not sure why.
  • The sun makes me happy.
  • I really like me.
So if you could not tell, this job at Smile Reminder means so much to me! I really hope that they will hire me! It is an 8-5, mon-fri type of deal and it's paid salary with really good money!!! Great benefits to! Noelle works there and hopefully she can talk me up and get me at least an interview! This job will really determine my future! So all my blog readers, keep me in your prayers as well!! Now lets have a wonderful day!


Suzette Rovelsky said...

Will do! What exactly is the job? With a name like "smile reminders" it has to be enjoyable!

.just.sky. said...

It is a company that assists doctors and dentist and all medical personnel with their special program of interacting with their patients. It's really cool actually!!!!