Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sweet Baby.

Today Misty had her baby at 5:43 pm. IT'S A BOY!!!! :) He is the cutest little thing in the world! I was able to watch the delivery and it really was such an amazing experience! I am so glad I watched and was there to have that wonderful opportunity! I never thought I would be even thinking about having children of my own and this has just made me that much more excited!! I know I am not ready but am getting close! I guess you could say today I have been a little bit "Baby Hungry".  He is beautiful!! He doesn't have a name yet but the options are Jake and Ethan. Both cute names. Right now he is needing some prayers. His lungs are having a hard time fully expanding and is on an oxygen machine for the night! My dad, Scott, Sterling and Patty's husband went in and gave him a blessing and it was so tender to watch. It's very hard to watch this little one lay there hooked up to the machine and feeling helpless. Prayer and Faith. We love him!!

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