Tuesday, August 3, 2010

on my mind.

So i completely forgot to mention that last tuesday, July 27th was me and Cam's 2 month anniversary! :) He took me to smoking apple for dinner and then to see Killers! I love that movie! and then back to his house for some Ben and Jerry's and a night that ended up being amazingly spiritual! I love him!

On wednesday I wasn't feeling too good at work. Then Noel took me to get a pedicure which was amazing!! And then i ate at his house and put his new stickers on his jeep. Then i really wasn't feeling good! I was freezing so he held me so i was warm and i was so comfortable! And then i started getting a fever so I went home early and he followed me home to make sure i was okay!! What a sweetheart!

Friday I got the day off so I met Cam and Noel at Costa for lunch! Then he didn't want to go back to work so we cleaned our jeeps!! :) I got a new Texas sticker too! I love it! :) Then we went to my family reunion :) He's so good with all the kids!

Sunday, I had to work unfortunately :( We did a new floorset. Church was good though!

Yesterday Me and Cam went to workout... Yeah we promised to never take a 2 month break ever again!! We were dying!! My abs are totally feeling it today!! Then i made him dinner :) did the dishes. And then we went and had cold stone and went to a movie with Mikey, Austin, Spencer, Lauren, and Amy. We saw Dinner for Schmucks... Yeah don't see it! It was reall dirty! But the whole night cam was acting like he didn't feel good and he said his back hurt and everything... Come to find out today he is sick :( I know my baby when he's not feeling good!!

So today I am at work... and my cam is sick :( I wish i could be taking care of him!! Poor guy :( He is supposed to work on his jeep tonight! I hope he gets feeling etter so he can do that! I have to work tonight too unfortunately! Its money right?? I still need to get someone to cover my shift on saturday!! ah!!

That is all for right now!

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