Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blessed, Honored Pioneers

Today i was thinking about my trek experience two years ago and my fondest memory from that amazing experience. I would like to share it with you as a testimony of the dear pioneers and their undying legacy!

I had the amazing opportunity to go on the Martin's Cove trek with my Daddy. We did everything together! Ate, walked, talked, shared experiences, Everything! I absolutely loved having my daddy there with me! So the day we were doing the river crossing was a very nice day! They talked to us about the history of the river crossings and we waited in a long line to cross the river. To be completely honest with you, before we got to the river we were supposed to be very quiet and think about what was happening but my little group including, me, my daddy and the rest of the bishopric, viki johnson, and some others were goofing around a bit! haha showing off white legs and just being funny. So we got up to the river and my daddy carried me across. I smiled the whole way and the real meaning of it all hadn't really hit me yet. And remember, during the whole time we had been there me and my daddy were basically inseperable! So we got across the river and he set me down and then turned around and went back across the river to help others get across and that is when everything that i had been taught about the pioneers hit me so close to home. Standing there in my pioneer clothes, watching my daddy walk back across the river put me in my ancestors shoes. I thought about all the little girls who got carried across by their daddys and then had to watch them carry more people across knowing that because of the conditions, that would possibly be the last time her daddy held her in his arms. I completely lost it! I sat there and watched him and just bawled!! Even though i knew i wasn't going to lose my dad, i still could not have been as strong as those little girls who did.

I am beyond gratefull for my dear ancestors who crossed the plains and were willing to die for what they believed was right! My goal this week is to not take for granted all that i have, including my family which i do very often. Im going to make my Pioneer ancestors proud!

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Jamie said...

That was so sweet Skyler! What a great thought...made me think and want to cry a little too.