Wednesday, June 9, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things... :)

1. Flowers :) You wanna make me love you more than anything and make me just so happy?? get me flowers! I love them with all my heart! They just make me so happy and the smell puts me in the best mood! :) My favorite flowers are Daisies, Lilies, Baby's breath, and roses :)

2. Lockets. I have this bittersweet obsession with Lockets! Bitter because i never know what pictures to put in them but sweet because i think they are so beautiful! My dream is to have like a real olden day locket that is so beautiful and delicate :)

3. Flower Gardens. I could walk through a flower garden all day and never get bored!! I think they are just so amazing and when i have my own house im going to have the prettiest flower beds in the entire world!! :) I really hope i make it down to the secret gardens at thanksgiving point this summer!

4. The Beach! I absolutely love it! I love the sand between my toes and the sound and smell of the ocean. I love when you can see the white sand through the clear crystal blue water. I just love the carefree feeling you feel at the beach, its like all your cares are swept away and you can just relax!!

5. Fruit with milk and white chocolate fondue :) Oh my yummy!! That is probably the best desert in the world! :) I especially love bananas with milk chocolate and strawberries with white chocolate :) ah just thinking about it makes my mouth water! :)

6. Owl Jewelry :) I don't know why i have this silly love, but i do! I think that they are just so cute!

7. Sparkles and Rhinestones. I just love anything that glitters or shines! I add rhinestones to anything possible! My dream purchase is to buy a Taylor Swift sparkle dress! Oh my gosh i would be in heaven! I almost bought one but it was a little too short. I would love to get one someday though!!
8. Im a sucker for sweet love stories :) whether it be a movie or a book or a song or my own life I love them all the same! I think that they are so beautiful and should never EVER be made fun of! These are real feelings and love is such an amazing thing! ah i love it!

These are just some of my favorite things right now :)

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Amberly said...

dear skylar, i just love you. :)