Monday, June 7, 2010

for those who have mixed feelings about cam... let me tell ya.

I know a lot of people are confused about the whole me and cameron thing, especially because casey left so soon ago, so let me tell you why i really like cam.

1. He kept me happy when i was going through the whole "goodbye casey" stage of my life. He helped me be happy and not sad about it.
2. He not only opens my door when i get in but also when i get out of the car, he says, "a girl should never have to touch a door" exact words.
3. He makes sure im safe. He wont let anyone touch me or any harm come to me.
4. He is always positive even when the situation isn't.
5. When im down he knows exactly what to say to make me feel better and always includes a part of the gospel in there to make me remember christ.
6. He is more than ready to go out on his mission and preach the gospel. He goes to every one of his mission prep classes and is always preparing.
7. He is always intune with the spirit. He knows when we are about to do something we shouldn't and stops us immediately from doing it. He listens to the spirit very carefully and is not affraid to stand up and say no to something.
8. He makes sure i am comfortable with what we are doing and always asks my opinion. He will not do anything im scared of doing or uncomfortable with.
9. He is focused on his goals and dreams and never takes his eyes off of them! There are no maybes with him. If he says he's gonna do, he will. Just like pharmacy school. he's almost done and not giving up!!
10. He is honest and loyal and never lies to me. he's never gone back on a promise and remebers all the promises he's made.
11. He has an amazing memory so he remembers everything we have done together, even just the little things. That means so much to me!
12. When we are together or on dates he always puts me first before himself and everyone else. he makes me feel so special and worth being with. He's not concentrated on what others are doing or really even talks to other girls. He respects me and is there to be with ME. I love it! I don't have to fight for his attention.
13. We do fun things! Even though i think it drives him nuts sometimes haha he's always up for doing silly things with me like playing in the sprinklers :) we do so many just way fun things!
15. He will not let me pay for a single thing. He is a hard worker and is good with what he does with his money, he puts aways just enough for us to do all our fun things.
14. He makes me happy :)

So, no, i don't know where life will take us, we might just be really good friends in the end, but right now im so happy and we are having so much fun and he's helping me get through life, the right way with the gospel. He has been such and example to me and has really helped me through some tough times. :)

Thanks cam :)

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Jamie said...

15. He is into you just as much as you are into him...NO GAMES!

Love ya Sky :). I know you will make the right choices. It is always great to have a best friend, and that is what he seems to be for you. You KNOW who YOU are...and you KNOW where your heart is. It is never bad to follow your heart, even if others see it differently. I know you will always do the right thing..because otherwise you would dissapoint me, and I know you would NEVER want to do that :).