Saturday, May 1, 2010

End of April.

Yesterday was a day haha. So let me explain.
1. went to spinning class and it was probably the hardest thing of my life!! I've gone before and i  love it but my body is just so sore! We were doing climbs and got up to a 9.5 but i couldn't get past an 8.5! Yeah so hard but loved it at the same time!
2. zumba class in aerobics :) fun times haha oh Lindsay... no coordination theres so funny!
3. Took a little nappy :)
4. Watched Avatar with Brock, Kory, and Rachel. and played with them for a little bit!
5. Went with Mindy and Julia to the PG vs. Timp Lacrosse game.  I miss it.... I miss watching casey play. I saw casey there because his brothers coach Timp's team.
6. Little Maceyn haha so at the game she was sitting on my lap and she looks at me and says, "I heard you and casey are in love and are going to get married" :) haha i just laughed and said "maybe, but you should ask casey that!" haha that little girl. What would i do without her? and then!! Im getting ready to go down by my friends again and casey comes over and gives me a hug and then little Dallin yells to the whole crowd "You guys are gonna make out!!" haha those little kids. haha but when he said that me and case said the quickest goodbye ever and i ran down the bleachers haha.
7. Telling Mindy and Julia all my stories.
8. Long drive with Cameron. He showed me this Salt lake lookout place and then i showed him one of my dream houses and just had so fun talks! he was driving me crazy though!! He is keeping secrets from me for prom and was just confusing me so much!!! so so fun though!
9. He made me learn how to drive stick in his jeep!! so so so scary! But he said he was very shocked and proud of me because i didn't even stall  it my first time!! yay haha but still so scary!

Very entertaining and interesting day i must tell you :) Now PROM today!!!! :) I'll keep you updated!

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