Thursday, April 1, 2010

Updating time :)

So here is what has been going on in my life the past few weeks :)

Drill Nationals. It was in Anaheim Cali and it was absolutely gorgeous!! The weather was so nice and warm.  Competition was good.... and long!! We took first in HIP HOP! yeah i know big shocker!! We laughed the whole way up to get the award.  Second in Dance Second in Kick and sixth in Dance which doesn't sound too great but we were compteting against 18 other teams and some of them are just insane so i would say we did very good!! I am really glad my parents came with me! I really do love them being there and i just love them! :)  Sunday was so nice to just go to church and then to the temple and the beach!! It was beautiful!

On tuesday... I took Casey Lee out for his birthday :) I loved every minute of it!  A night i will cherish forever! I took him to the Roof in Salt Lake and all through dinner he would lean over and whisper "you're in so much trouble!" haha he loves me though :) he even said it.... :D :D He makes me smile! I don't know what im going to do without him by my side for two years but writing him is going to be just so much fun! He's amazing and no matter where we are in life... He'll always have a part of my heart!

Tonight was showcase for Drill.  haha we played a little prank on Stacey and Arie.  I cut out a part of dance routine music and added "teach me how to jerk"  in there and we jerked and it was so so funny!! :)  But let me tell ya it was a killer! 7 dances in a row can really make you tired haha.

I got asked to Prom :)  By my sweet little Cameron Hunt! haha im so excited!  I know we are going to have a blast together! :) I already know what dress too! My pink one and im going to rhinstone it!! I cant wear my greenish one because its my special casey dress.  I will only wear it with him :)

Tomorrow i leave for st george :) so excited! and then back to cali!  Also my hair is going back blonde. I found this glorious stuff called "Sun in" and it does wonders lightening your hair and i love it!! :)

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