Sunday, March 7, 2010

Winter Girls Camp!

So we had winter girls camp this weekend and it was probably my funnest girls camp!! Just everything about it was so much fun!! It snowed a lot the first night and then we got to go snowmobilling which was so fun! Little Hannah schnider got thrown off Todd's sled so many times but she absolutely loved it!  We played Just Dance a lot and that was so so much fun! Daddy, Todd, and Sterling were so funny!!! Me and Melissa had a blast sledding hahahahahahaha.  So we went on this really steep hill and went down the first time good and we smoothed it out then the second time we were going down and Melissa's foot got stuck in a hole and i got catapulted!! haha i freaking flew through the air!! It was so funny! Melis landed face down and we just laughed for forever and so did Sterling! We did a really good obsticle course my daddy put up. We played in the snow and got our leaders all drenched in snow.  The second night we scared ourselves to death and couldn't go to sleep haha.  Darn men on the horizon :) And we played a few harmless pranks :) It was so much fun and I loved every bit of it! Im sad that im leaving soon but I still have youth conference to look forward to and it'll be so fun too!!!


Misty said...

cute posts! Thanks for cutting me off in your pics above. I know I'm loved:)!

.just sky. said...

haha i sorry! i didn't do it! the computer just did it by itself!!!