Sunday, March 21, 2010

My thoughts as of this moment in time.

my thoughts in no paricular order.

i miss the beautiful st. george.  It was so nice and sunny and warm. i miss laying out by the pool with not a care in the world but i am now home and have responsibilities i really need to start working on! like earning moneys for college and finding somewhere to live and graduating high school! i need to be more organized. my life is a bit crazy right now.  i want a new phone.  the blackberry bold. i love it but yet i do not have the moneys for it.  i need to start going to the gym again or it needs to become warm outside so that i can work out outside.  i need to work out! i am slacking to the max and it is no good. i want to put together a cute little recipe book of easy/healthy foods i can make.  i really like to cook and i can't wait to have my own kitchen to cook in at college. i really would not mind living that far away from college.  wyview really isn't that far and it would be very very good for me to walk that much. i just need to convince my dear melissa. we do have a terrible problem though.  the england flag is mostly red and i am going to a blue school.  downsizing this flag is my next option.  when i get married i want to be crafty and kinda a homemaker.  i want to cook yummy things for my husband.  i will just love it!  i need to find a good job with benefits for the summer and school year.  this way i can pay my rent and for school and things. i will write more after scotts homecoming.

scott did really good. i wish i knew him better. i can't believe casey leaves so soon. im excited for what i have planned for his birthday though. i know what im going to get him too. i hope he enjoys it. i can't wait to get married in the salt lake temple. that day i know will be the happiest day of my life. i can't wait to be a newly married couple :) i've decided byu is going to be quite an adventure. but i am so excited.  there really is so much i want to do but just do not have enough time and energy. im going to miss casey. two years is a very very long time. but to me... he's worth waiting for. but i always have to remember its in gods hands not mine. i need to start attending the temple more often. i want to go into the salt lake one. well. those are my thoughts of now.

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