Monday, March 1, 2010

My brain is playing tricks on me again.

So i've had some really weird thoughts lately! For example: "Im going to BYU again", "Screw college i just wanna be a mommy", "Im not waiting for Casey anymore", "im going to stay home from school tomorrow to do my laundry"..... and many many others. i just don't know! I feel as if i just have so much i need and want to do in a day but not enough time but i know its just my poor planning skills and the way i get so distracted.... Ya know its funny, i really do work harder and learn better in math when Palmer isn't there. And as for Casey... I don't know! He told me not to wait for him and in the back of my mind i was saying i still am going to but today, right now, I just don't know! One thing is for sure... i need to clean my room and do my laundry! when?? ummm.... 3 in the morning?? maybe?? we'll see if i wake up! if not, after work for sure! I just need to put my priorities first and then do the other things.... that will be my goal this week!! to do my best at doing things in order of importance and not goofing around and getting things done...  i think i need to throw my phone away this week! it'd be nice not to talk to anyone!! i might just do that!! sounds good!! well off to bed! night night

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