Saturday, February 27, 2010


So a few weeks ago I had the weirdest dream.... So Casey had left on his mission and i was in college and i met this guy.  We started hanging out and just went on a few dates.  Everytime we went out and i was with him all i could think of was casey casey casey.  Then my dream kinda skipped and he was all of a sudden proposing to me and for some weird reason i said yes! Through all the planning and arranging and everything i still thought about casey all day everyday... it was casey i wanted to be marrying... not this guy!  So we get married and for some reason im settling with this guy who doesn't have all the characteristics that i want unlike casey and im just not happy!  But i promised myself in the beginning that i was to never get a divorce and i would work at my marriage untill it was perfect so i stayed with him. Then casey got home from his mission and i couldn't even look at him because i was still in love with him.  So then randomly time rewinds and i get to do the last few months over again! I remember everything that happened but no one else does.  So then the next time i meet this guy i like say hi to him and run away haha cuz i know who he is but he really doesn't know me and i don't wanna make that mistake again.  So then casey comes off his mission and we get married..... hahaha im telling ya!  I woke up from this dream and layed there for like an hour just thinking about how weird it was!!  I told my momm about it and she said that its not necesarily a sign that im going to marry casey but really just a warning, to chose who i date and eventually marry very carefully so that i will be as happy as I possibly could.

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