Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fear Factor 3rd Ward

We had Fear Factor for our combined young men young women's activity.  It was a lot of fun but heck no was i about to try the things they had.  They had dead fish jello, shrimp jello, and oister jello, shock collars, snakes, live gold fish, sardines, pig skin, da bomb hot sauce, salt brownies and bobbing for hotdogs in oatmeal.  Yeah gross!  But I did touch the snake twice!  The second time my leader grabbed me from behind and brought me so so so close to it I was screaming bloody murder!  Oh i Dislike snakes so bad!!  So many people swallowed the live gold fish.  Mike King swallowed his and then threw it back up! It stayed alive for like 3 seconds and then died.  Poor little things :(  I dont think anyone touched the sardines.  The dead fish in the jello was disgusting for sure.. The hot sauce was my favorite to watch.  This sauce is unreal and just a little bit can burn your mouth to pieces. haha it was making all the tough football players cry! So funny! Their faces would go red and then they would just tear up and cry! The shock collars were pretty funny too.  The leaders and the shock collars were the best!! haha good night. :)

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